Why Remetco?

X-Ray Film RecyclingRemetco Incorporated and its team of recycling experts are uniquely postured to provide premium service via:

  • The use of advanced recovery technologies
  • The ability to collect, refine, and recycle materials from almost anywhere on the globe 
  • Years of experience in performing HIPAA compliant precious metal recovery and material destruction services.
  • The provision of certificates of destruction to show all personal information has been destroyed.
  • Strict adherence to an ethical business approach, outstanding customer service, and recommendations from top medical facilities around the globe.
  • Collaboration with the US and foreign governments to ensure the proper importation of materials from international clientele.
  • Versatile and flexible programs tailored to clients individual short and long term needs.
  • Utilization of Remetco Incorporated’s “Six R’s of Recycling” Mantra.

                   Review • Retain • Reorganize • Relocate • Recycle • Refund